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"Because I joined SPS, I now have an author career. I couldn't say that before. For five years I tried and failed to sell more books than a few hundred dollars in books a year. Now, I'm earning a part-time income that keeps growing with each book I release. I have direction and purpose as an author."

Author of two Urban Fantasy Series, including Montrose Paranormal Academy and Shadowstone Academy.

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What Our Authors Are Saying

Liz HAD "Write A Book" On Her Bucket List...not anymore!

Liz knew she wanted to write a book, and even had a manuscript, but didn't know what to do from there.

Amazed by the free content, she decided to join SPS and says that it was "probably one of the best investments in my own personal and professional development, that I could make."

Susie Launched Her Book, Gave Back To Her Community, & Launched A New Career

After a fire raged through her community, burning down many of her neighbor's homes, Susie wanted to do something to address the confusion and the suffering around her. 

Her children's book, "Where's My House" helps children cope with loss. She used the book as a launch pad to bring awareness and now is directing the Junior Authors Program.

Dr. Shawn Soszka Wrote A Book in 4 Months... And Got More Clients

Using the SPS program coupled with a personalized action-based timeline FROM his AUTHOR coach, Dr. Soszka wrote and published his book in only 4 months. 

He's says that working with SPS revealed, "it's just not how to write a book...but the whole process."

Dr. Soszka says that now that he's written his first book, he now knows a repeatable process for writing new books in the future.

Ashley Wrote Her Way To USA Today's Bestselling Author, While Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

Ashley knew she wanted to be a full-time author and stay-at-home mom. She wanted help - someone to show her the way so that she didn't get stuck in the endless "work" that didn't move her career forward. 

She joined Self-Publishing School. In this video from 2020, Ashley was already a bestselling author. She's since gone on to capture the prestigious USA Today's Bestselling Author title and HAS published more books for her series. 


Ashley Emma

Author of Undercover Amish
Fiction Bestselling Author - Amish Romance, Covert Police Undercover Series

  • 20 books published with the SPS system
  • USA Today Bestselling Author
  • Ashley's novel, Amish Alias, was a Gold Medal Winner in the NYC Book Awards in 2021
  • Bestseller, Amish Undercover, was a Maine Romance Writers Finalist in 2015
  • Full-time Fiction Author

Alexis & Justin Black

Authors of Redefining Normal

Alexis and Justin knew they had an experience that could help others, a story that could make a difference. And a difference it HAS made. Since publishing their book Redefining Normal: How Two Foster Kids Beat the Odds and Discovered Healing, Happiness and Love, Alexis and Justin have…

  • Won 10 book awards
  • ​Appeared on TV and several podcasts
  • ​Sold over 7,000 copies of their books in 1 year
  • ​Bought a house with the help of their royalties checks
  • Had an event named after their book where they were the keynote speakers
  • ​Are actively showing foster children everywhere that their life is not set in stone, that they can break free & succeed happily

And they have now started a business aimed at giving children in the foster system an opportunity to help others share their experience and heal—a business that made the Forbes Next 1000 list. All because they took action on their dream.

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