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The REAL Step-By-Step Process Full-Time Authors Use to Write and Sell More Books to Build Sustainable Fiction Careers

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Tired of Waiting for "Someday" When it Comes to Publishing your fiction work?

Learn How To Write & Successfully Launch Your
Fiction Books To Create Raving Fans


In this one-hour class, you'll learn the same full-time fiction secrets it took me years (and authoring over 60 books) to discover.


Learn The "9 Out of 10" Pathway to Making It As A Fiction Author

As much as fiction is an art, it's also a repeatable formula. 

Once you understand how it works, you can churn out fiction stories faster than baby Yoda can make you say "Awwww...."

I'll show you the framework full-time fiction authors use to write addictive books in half the time—without losing story quality or readers as the series progresses. This one thing will set you up for box-set success!



Make Your Writing More Addictive Than a 90s-Style Television Cliffhanger

Remember how addictive television was before the Internet? 

Cliffhangers were all people spoke about. Shows mastered the art of keeping viewers coming back through open loops and unhinged characters and plot twists. People literally canceled plans so they could stay home and watch their favorite shows.

You can do this in your fiction as well, so your reader CRAVES your next book.


Get Paid To Write Stories, Drink Coffee, and Brag About It to Your Friends

Want to know how to earn consistent income as a fiction author on autopilot?

It's all about book series!

I'll teach you the system I use and coach my authors through so they can figure out what their series is worth.

This knowledge helps you maximize its value so you receive consistent sales.

Ready To Take Action And Learn How Full-Time Authors Really Go Full Time?

Meet Your Host

Bestselling Author of 64+ books (and counting)

Ramy has been writing stories since he was a kid. In 2014, he started taking writing seriously. Since then, Ramy has authored and co-authored more than 64 books.

His current "job"?

Ramy is a full-time fiction author and Head Fiction Coach at selfpublishing.com.

  • Published 60+ books in eight years
  • Writes Urban Fantasy thrillers set in the GoneGod World (and elsewhere)
  • Has coached hundreds of authors through writing and launching their fiction books
  • Coaches over 800 fiction authors in the exclusive Fiction Authors Community Group
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We're committed to impacting 120,000,000 lives by helping people tell their story.

If you want impact lives and shift culture through stories, write a book.

Selfpublishing.com was built on the belief that books change lives. On average, one published book can impact and change 1,200 lives including yours, the author!

We know to make an impact in our world for good, we need to help as many people as possible write and publish the books they have inside them.
Will you be our next author success story?
 We've Helped 9,000+ People in 91 countries on Six Continents Become Authors

From C-Average English students, to C-Suite Executives, we can help you too!

Bonuses Included With This Training and LIVE Q&A!

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Free eBook & Audiobook

I really want you to succeed, so at the end of the training, I'm giving away free eBook copies (with free audiobook upgrade) of Chandler Bolt's bestseller "Published." 

16 BONUS RESOURCES (cheat sheets, checklists, and guides created by our expert book coaches) included with the book—$47 value—to help you continue writing your book after the training ends!


Free Author Strategy Call

Stay for the Q&A portion of the class and receive a free book consultation and publishing assessment call with one of our Publishing Consultants.

Our team of published authors want to answer your questions and provide you resources to take the next step in your author journey! ($249 value)

These Self-Published Authors Started Here Too... 


Ashley Emma

Author of Undercover Amish
Fiction Bestselling Author—Amish Romance, Covert Police Undercover Series

  • 20 books published with the SPS system
  • USA Today Bestselling Author
  • Ashley's novel, Amish Alias, was a Gold Medal Winner in the NYC Book Awards in 2021
  • Bestseller, Amish Undercover, was a Maine Romance Writers Finalist in 2015
  • Full-Time Fiction Author

Barbara Hartzler

Author of Montrose Paranormal Academy
Fiction Bestselling Author—YA Urban Fantasy Academy

  • Author of two Urban Fantasy Series, including Montrose Paranormal Academy and Shadowstone Academy
  • Nine books published using our proven system 
  • Over 400 five-star reviews on Amazon
  • 2,000+ newsletter subscribers—people waiting to hear about her next book!
  • Amazon and International Bestselling Author
  • Successful series and box set author
  • Fiction coach to hundreds of students in our Fiction Program

Paul James

Author of In The Beginning There Was A Murder
Fiction Bestselling Author—Cozy Mystery Series

  • Joined our program in 2018
  • Bestselling author
  • Has published seven books on Amazon (with more to come)
  • Has 280+ book reviews (and counting) with an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon
  • Sold more than 200 books in 30 days
  • Since publishing his first book with selfpublishing.com, Paul has sold 2,200+ books

Leona Crowley

Author of Delivered
Fiction Bestselling Author—Romance

  • 8 books published with our proven system (after originally only planning to publish one)
  • 319 reviews for book one with a 4.4 star average rating
  • Millions of pages of these books read by fans (1.3 million page reads in a single month!)
  • ​Over $5,700 in earnings in one month just from page reads (through Kindle Unlimited)
  • ​Providing an escape and entertainment for dreamers— all with the anonymity of a pen name

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